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Seashell Bessette


What classes do you teach?

Venus 60, Venus 75

Where were you born?

I was born and grew up in the exotic state of North Dakota but have been in Las Vegas for 13 years. I decided I was going to go on a road trip halfway across country and end up in California. On the way, I stopped in Las Vegas to stay with some friends, and here I am still! Living the dream in the desert.

How long have you been teaching at Vegas Hot?

Vegas Hot has been my yoga home for three years now. It’s old-school, and I love that it’s stayed that way. We don’t get crazy with the spa like environment, but we sure get it done in our practice. I feel like I’m floating in the clouds after classes, whether I am teaching or taking class. I have been all over the city, and I would never want to teach anywhere else. I just love it here!

How long have you been teaching yoga/fitness/pilates?

I have been instructing the Venus series for two years now, and I look forward to completing the Pilates training next month. Look out!

What made you want to be an instructor?

Yoga truly transformed my life into a more positive state of existence. It has enabled me to challenge my body, my mind and elevate my soul. I have become so much more calm, with the high and low waves of life experiences. I learned to except it all and love life no matter what comes my way. It’s a trip!

Other than hot fitness/yoga, how do you keep active in your daily life?

Besides staying busy with my daughters, and my three dogs, I am constantly running around town and designing homes with my life partner. For me, it keeps my mind active, my creativity rollin’, and lets me follow my dreams. I love traveling to new places, eating healthily, and I save my physical energy for the yoga room. It’s all I need!

What are your personal goals for 2016? What are your goals for your students?

I truly want everybody that comes into the yoga room to lose their minds, and really feel and get closely connected with their bodies. By freeing the mind, it allows the tension to release and helps one to live a more peaceful life and truly live in the moment. By pushing your body a little bit more each time you come to your practice, you’ll be so surprised with the changes you see in your life and your body. I want the world to be a little bit more mindful in thought and in action. I wish for everybody to feel as good as I do! And for me, it all started with yoga. I will always do my best to help everyone in the class succeed, and I am always available for help after and before classes. Remember, it’s truly the mind that is stiff, not so much the body. Let loose, have a good time, and just love your life!

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AMAZING energy!

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I have taken Seashell's class for over a year now, and she is by far the best instructor I have ever experienced. I felt very comfortable from day one, and absolutely love the positive energy I get from her as an instructor. I highly recommend this challenging and beneficial class!

Excellence, Commitment and Consistency!

5 5 1
She is the best instructor I have ever met for all routines. I have been working hard to reconnect with regular workouts. During the past two months I have found the "Elle Experience" is pure excellence. She pushes us to work, improve and push ourselves. Every class is a unique, full body work out. I love it. I have a long way to go but her support and style have kept me coming back. I love it.