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instructor Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee

What classes do you teach?

I am a sub. So I do not teach a lot. But when I do it is mostly Venus. I also teach Pilates and Sculpt.

Where were you born?

Born in Iowa. Grew up in Colorado. Moved here because I was cast in the show Jubilee! At Ballys.

How long have you been teaching at Vegas Hot?

Almost 3 years

How long have you been teaching yoga/fitness/pilates?

Yoga- almost 3 years, Fitness/Pilates- almost 2 years

What made you want to be an instructor?

Honestly it was something to do. But now I do it because we help people become better. Whether it is weight loss or mental/emotional reasons, people come to the studio to better themselves. I like being a part of that.

Other than hot fitness/yoga, how do you keep active in your daily life?

Hiking/rock hounding. I am also a cocktail server so I’m always moving.

What are your personal goals for 2016? What are your goals for your students?

Trying to be more motivated and disciplined with my own health. Trying to be a better example.

Is there anything else you would like to share with your students?

Never give up! If there is something bothering you about a posture, or something you don’t understand, ask your instructor. Sometimes it’s difficult to get to everyone in class to correct or give a modification to, especially if there’s a lot of people in that class. We are there for a reason. The more we help our students, the more we learn as well! Teaching is a process and a forever learning experience.


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