Our Vegas Hot! Philosophy:

  1. Hot yoga and fitness should be available for everyone. This includes placing attention to diverse needs, and the needs of others.
  2. Provide our clients with cutting edge classes and instructors to promote individual and group wellbeing.
  3. Accommodate and incorporate the growing yoga and fitness community in the Las Vegas area.
  4. Assist our clients in attaining personal and professional goals, the first of which is to be enjoy and progress in practice
  5. Constantly develop and reimagine our studio to suit our client requests



Our Studio

VEGAS HOT! is one of the largest hot yoga studios in the United States, featuring state of the art amenities and eight different styles of hot yoga and fitness.

  • Over 15,000 square foot wellness center
  • More than 150 classes offered each week in a variety of styles
  • 4 heated classrooms
  • Lounge area and all-in-one facilities, which include restrooms, showers and filtered drinking water
  • 4 standard high-intensity yoga sequences
  • World-renowned guest teachers
  • Monthly specialty yoga and fitness workshops
  • Teacher training and certifications for Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Hot Sculpt, Kettlebell & Barefoot Bootcamp


Our goal is to make sure you reach all of your goals.

At Vegas Hot! Yoga & Pilates, we offer hot yoga and fitness to a wide variety of patrons, not depending on each person’s yoga and fitness experience. Our multi-story studio is one of the greatest hot yoga destinations in all of the United States. We created and maintained this studio with our clients in mind. And over the years, these devoted clients have shaped our success and have grown with our business.

Vegas Hot! is more than just a premier destination for hot yoga and fitness. We are a family that pushes each other to attain our personal and professional goals. Our studio is a place to immerse yourself in principled yoga routines and fitness training. We do this in an inviting, HOT! environment.

Our yoga and fitness courses range from beginner to intermediate levels. We have and will continue to shape our classes to accommodate our student’s needs. This includes monthly workshops for diversified yoga and fitness trainings and routines.

Yes, our studio is a bustling, high-energy facility that offers fitness classes that will kick your ass. But, at the same time, we balance this energetic environment with a relaxing “home away from home” yoga experience for our clients in search of solace from the daily grind.

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